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Jootags - All-in-one download_trans.gif Download

Scalable and powerful content tagging solution fro Joomla 1.5 Consists of 1) Jootags Component 2) Jootags Editor Button (required!) Add "Insert tags to this item" button in editor, required for Jootags!!! 3) Jootags Contant Plugin Displays your content tags before or after item 4) Jootags Tags Module Displays nice-looking tags-cloud
Submitted On:
26 Mar 2008
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26 Mar 2008
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21.15 Kb
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Old But Popular

Jootags All in one and other components for joomla 1.5 Scalable and powerful content tagging solution fro Joomla 1.5, created in 2008 year (need update a long time ago, so now i think its to old to do it)
Some bad English tutorials and posts, you know for me its a little bit tricky to explain something even in Russian, but i try) Tutorials for Jootags Installation Tutorials for TurtuShout Joomla Blog Joomla Mambo Cakephp