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2014-05-15 08:07:58
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2014-05-15 08:07:41
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Joomla templates, components and modules
OnePage.com.ua PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 06 October 2010 08:43
OnePage.com.ua is first site opened for registration in TurtuShop Project. Its targeted for non web customers, so it has
  • simple and clean admin panel
  • different predefined templates
  • and cheap, really cheap price.
So anybody could have Google Indexed page with photo and some text saying "Hi, my name is Vasya and Im the greatest". But its not only homepages site, it could be used for photo galleries and blog, so when someone will ask you to create some small site, saying "but i have no money, please please help me as you are good person" - dont panic and make i.hate.you.face - just send link on OnePage.com.ua
Spinoff project PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 30 September 2010 23:04
Developing our main and only TurtuShop project, I faced one small, but still intresting problem - most of customers Ive talked to want only simple page, one simple page... You know its great - now everyone could create page on facebook or vkontakte (russian social network), but its not actually YOUR PAGE. Its not your own. So you start thinking - how Vasya has created site vasya.com if he is not webdev at all, and how can you get something like this... There are a lot of small companies suggesting "small-sites" for 100 dollars, there are free sites as google sites, narod, ucoz, but its still not user friendly. Even creating blog on wordpress (free) you should tick some tick, set some settings - strange, a lot of words, and a lot of strange information. Most of not-web-geek guys want only small and simple interface to write something about me, put contacts, photos, some notes and thats all. Even 90% of them will have only one page, as when Im asking - what will you put on site all I get is "something" and 5 silent minutes. So here we are here we go: OnePage - create site in a minute
Languages PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 21 September 2010 22:57
Should we use some languages in perfect shop? Yes, adding one more language will give additional traffic, as for Russian site adding Ukrainian language (second popular language in Kiev after Russian, strange but true) gives 30-50% increase of search queries. Also some quesries difficult to get in Russian gets almost immediately in top3-5 in Ukrainian. So languages - its great!
What will perfect and simple DB model look like PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 20 September 2010 22:39
Ive created a lot of sites, from simple to complex and I think its better to make everything as simple as you can. And with this idea in mind lets think about different objects we need to display in shop (or any site). Yes, we definitely need some post object, post object with price will be product, and post object with image => photo, but stop - post should also have image, and some product could not have price. So we do need only posts and types of posts! Categories - ok, they have some path, some description, title, image, etc and objects that belongs to it ("posts"). Brands, manufacturers, colors, sizes - ouch, its also categories. And we will call them tag bundles and tags. So in pure DB we will have posts, post_types, tags and tag_bundles. And this is all we need. Isnt it great?
Multisites - WTF? PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 16 September 2010 13:04
Starting new project you will look for some CMS or assign task to developers with some basic functions, like: I need news section, and i need two languages, and i need some payment system, and... But I doubt you will ask for multisites, even if you are not neebee in webdev its thing usually forgotten. So called "Multisites" feature is some magic (lets think about programming like magic))) that allows to use one database, one admin panel for different sites. And its great if you have more than one site, especially if sites are related - you can create different versions of your site for different users/domains/regions etc without creating new site, just with small addition in some DB table called "sites". Why is it so important? Multisites feature in CMS core makes it more expensive, but if you will pay for second site as for first, it will be price*2, for third = price * 3. So its cheaper. Multisites feature allows to spend less time changing content, you even dont have to log in two sites, when you have one) Multisites is great for Google, as you dont have to make one site for all you have, but you can buy additional domains and sell something on them. So if you have shop selling TVs, and you want sell also mp3s, you can add some on you old site, and create new, mp3`s only)

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